8 Master Bedroom Design Ideas We Love

Your master bedroom is more than just a place to rest your head after a long day. It’s a sanctuary. An escape. A place where the stress and worries of everyday life melt away into luxury bedding. 

More than that, a well-designed master bedroom is the first step in creating healthy sleep habits. If you love your room, you’re much more likely to drift off to sleep peacefully night after night.

Looking to give your master an update? We’ve compiled some of our favourite design ideas for you here. Don’t worry – these won’t all require a massive renovation in your life. Many are as simple as a few accent touches coupled with beautiful duvet covers and white bedding.

Ready to get started on your sanctuary? Let’s dive in!

1. Island Breeze

With its neutral beige pallet and wonderful use of natural wood accents, this island-inspired master bedroom is the perfect way to feel like you’re escaping to a Caribbean resort each and every night you go to bed. Special bonus points for the super fun and cute swing!


2. Crisp White

Who says white has to be boring? This clean, contemporary look makes for a classic master bedroom design. With its comfortable bed adorned with beautiful white luxury bedding serving as the centrepiece, this look is sure to invite sweet dreams night after night.


3. Modern Master with Luxury Bedding Set

This ultra-modern design is the perfect master bedroom for those seeking a stylish, contemporary look. With its impressive statement headboard running the entire length and height of the wall, as well as a luxury organic bedding set, this retreat feels like stepping into a posh 5-star hotel suite!


4. The Perfect Poster Bed

The statement piece of this master bedroom design is undoubtedly the Strand Poster Bed. A decidedly fresh take on a classic design, this unique piece makes for a lovely master, without the pretension or stuffiness that can usually come with a poster bed. Topped with organic white sheets and duvet covers, and it makes for the perfect look!


5. Natalie’s Nest

This super cute design was done by our friend Natalie Chong at Nest Design Studio. The retro statement light fixture mixed with sleek, contemporary nightstands and platform bed make for a timeless design. Bonus points to Natalie for using White Terry Home’s 100% Organic White Cotton Sheets and Duvet Cover to complete the look!


6. Tufted Treasure

This super clean master bedroom design is incredibly soft and feminine yet is decidedly unisex, with zero unnecessary frills. The large tufted headboard and matching bench create a perfect blend of comfort and style, and the White Terry Home 100% organic cotton sheets and pillowcases invite you to climb right into bed for your best night’s sleep ever.


7. Pops of Plaid

A great look at how any master bedroom can be updated to reflect the season, this holiday theme was as simple as adding in some festive lights, as well as some plaid accents to the crisp, beautiful White Terry Home organic sheets in Snow.


8. Midcentury Master

A fresh take on classic midcentury design, this master bedroom is the ideal getaway from the chaos of children and corporate life alike. The statement gold poster bed is the perfect focal point for the room, and is offset quite nicely by the dark nightstands and neutral tones of the sitting area. Topped with a 100% organic cotton bedding set, and you’re left with the perfect blend of style and comfort.


These 8 master bedroom design ideas should give you plenty of inspiration to start building your own sanctuary at home. Remember, healthy sleep starts with a bedroom you love. So start designing your own master retreat today, and say hello to sweet dreams, now and forever!

Looking for a quick way to upgrade your sleep? Check out White Terry Home’s collection of luxury organic bedding sets and duvet covers today, and find yourself having the most incredible dreams tonight, tomorrow, and forever.