10 Essential Oils for Rest, Relaxation and Sleep

Trouble sleeping?

You’re not alone. Millions suffer from inconsistent sleep, which not only affects their nights, but slows down their ability to function during the daytime as well.

Not surprisingly, it’s been shown that stress and anxiety are the root of many sleep issues. Unfortunately, these types of ailments are difficult to treat without the use of complicated prescription drugs – many of which carry serious side effects.

With all this to consider, it’s no wonder that essential oils are a hot topic these days. It seems like everywhere you turn people are singing their praises on social media. Whether it’s for sleep, congestion, aching muscles, reducing anxiety or just general relaxation, there is no shortage of essential oil success stories. And while it may feel like this is a relatively new phenomenon, essential oils are actually one of the oldest forms of therapy known to man.

But what exactly is an essential oil? Put simply, essential oils are incredibly potent plant extracts that can be used to treat a variety of ailments via aromatherapy. In fact, there has been so much talk of essential oils recently that the scientific community has taken up several studies – studies which have ultimately proved their effectiveness for reducing anxiety and aiding in sleep. All from a simple whiff of a plant extract...

Pretty amazing, right?

For all of you that struggle to find deep, consistent sleep, essential oils may be just the thing for you. But there’s one problem: how do you know which oil to use? There are literally thousands of options on the market, which could lead to many restless nights of trial and error trying to find just the right one.

Of course, you could go right for the most popular: lavender. Lavender essential oils are some of the most commonly used, and have been known to bring on deep, restful nights of sleep thanks to its high levels of linalool, which can calm the nervous system and lower blood pressure and anxiety.

But lavender isn’t for everyone. Thankfully, there are plenty of other oils that are known to do wonders for rest, relaxation and sleep. Looking for some alternative options? Let’s take a look at 10 of our favorites:


Distilled from the wood of the cedar tree, cedarwood oil has been shown to decrease hyperactivity, reduce stress levels, and ease tension, all of which serve as catalysts to an amazing night of deep sleep


For centuries, chamomile has been used to bring on a calming effect (chamomile tea, anyone?). And for anyone that knows the plant, this should come as no surprise. It’s vapors can reduce ACTH, which is a known stress-induced hormone, bringing down anxiety, and allowing the brain to enter a deep state of relaxation.


Clinical trials have shown that the essential oil geranium can bring on relief for everything from anxiety or PMS symptoms. This is due to its ability to decrease blood pressure in users, which decreases stress, and can ultimately kick-start a sound night’s sleep.


This potent plant has been used for centuries to bring relief to restlessness. In addition to allowing you to fall asleep quickly, Valerian helps you stay asleep, allowing for a full night’s rest and energized morning.

Ylang Ylang

With its ability to lower your blood pressure and pulse rate, ylang ylang is one of the most effective sleep-inducing essential oils. Used during the daytime, ylang ylang also boasts mood-boosting properties than can bring a smile to your face any time of day.


Derived from the flowers of bitter orange trees, Neroli has a rich citrus scent that has been shown to have a soothing effect on mood, and can reduce levels of anxiety and insomnia.


Bergamot is derived from Italian citrus, and is known to trigger our brain to begin its sleep cycle. This in turn causes a reduction in heart rate, lowering of blood pressure, and reduction in stress and anxiety that ensures your body falls asleep and stays asleep.


If the scent of jasmine brings a smile to your face, don’t be surprised…it helps comprise some of the world’s most popular scents, including various alcohols, desserts, and the iconic Chanel No. 5. As a standalone essential oil, Jasmine has been show to work well as an antidepressant, which ultimately brings on better night’s sleep and more energetic mornings.


Derived from the East Indian Sandalwood Tree, this scent has been used for centuries to treat a variety of ailments. One of its most powerful effects is its ability to help manage and reduce anxiety levels, which ultimately allow for deeper, uninterrupted rest.


This earthy and spicy fragrance is a known sedative, and is believed to strengthen the respiratory system. With properties that reduce anxiety, it also serves as a great sleep aide for those that struggle to get quality rest.

As you can see, lavender isn’t only option when it comes to sleep-inducing essential oils. Regardless of your preference, know that finding the oils that are right for you is a process. Start small, testing a variety of oils and oil combinations until you land on a mixture you love.

And once you’ve landed on this scent(s), lay back and rest easy knowing that you’ve unlocked centuries-old secrets to the most amazing sleep you’ll ever experience in your entire life!