How to Perfectly Fold a Fitted Sheet in 6 Steps

Stop me if this sounds familiar. You pull that fresh, clean load of organic luxury bedding out of the dryer, and begin to neatly fold and stack. Of course, those white cotton top sheets are a breeze. And pillowcases? Not a problem. But then, as you approach the bottom of the pile, you know there’s trouble lurking. That at the very end you’ll be forced to come face to face with that one dreaded linen…

Of course, I am talking about the “impossible to fold” fitted sheet!

While my tale may be a bit dramatic, we’ve all been there. Staring at that mix of fabric and elastic that fails to lie flat, wondering how in the world we’ll ever get it folded as neat as the rest of our pile. For many, the solution is to simply roll the sheet up into a messy ball of wrinkles, and stuff it towards the back of the linen closet. Out of sight, out of mind, right?

Well what if I told you there was a better way? Thankfully there is! As leading experts in 100% organic cotton bedding and luxury sheet sets, we spend quite a bit of time around those tricky fitted sheets. And in doing so, we’ve come up with an easy, foolproof way to fold them quickly and neatly, so that they can be stacked and stored just like the rest of your linens.

Ready to upgrade your fold game? Then check out our 6-step process for folding fitted sheets:

Step 1: Lay the Sheet Flat

The first step in the process is laying out the sheet. Find a large, flat surface – your bed works just fine – and place the sheet top-side down, so that the side you sleep on is flat against the surface, and the elastic band is facing up towards the sky. Use our handy "long" and "short" side labels to identify the sides!

Step 2: Turn Two Corners Inside Out

Standing on one side of the sheet you’ve just laid out, pick up the two corners nearest to you. Grab a corner with each hand, and push each corner underneath the elastic band, so that they are now “inside out”.

Step 3: Connect the Corners

With your hands still inside the two “inside out” corners you’ve just created, you are now going to fold the entire sheet in half across the horizontal axis by bringing your two corners to the opposite two corners. Like tucking a shirt into your waistband, you want to take your two “inside out” corners and tuck them under the elastic of the opposite corners

What’s left should be a rectangle that’s half the size of the original sheet, and features two “fitted” corners with elastic, and two regular corners that are just comprised of the folded fabric.

Step 4: Connect the Elastic Corners

The next step is to take the two remaining elastic corners of your organic cotton fitted sheet that are still visible, and bring them together by folding the sheet in half along the vertical axis. The end result should be a sheet that is half as wide and half as long as when you started.

Step 5: Lay Out Your Rectangle

Your sheet should now look like a messy rectangle. Lay it back down on your surface and try to even out the shape so that it is as rectangular as possible. Of course, it won’t be perfect…but you want to be as neat as possible before entering the final step.

Step 6: Fold Your Sheet

With a “neat-ish” rectangle of fabric, you can now begin the folding process. The first part of the fold is similar to the way you’d fold a letter before stuffing it into an envelope. Take one of the long sides of the rectangle, and fold a third of it into the middle. Then take the opposite side and do the same, so that you now have a long skinny rectangle.

Repeat the process with the other two sides, folding each third into the middle, being sure that the remaining elastic that is visible is folded into the middle, so that the entire outside of your folded sheet is purely fabric.

When done, you should have a square of fabric that’s every bit as neat and organized as all your top sheets and pillowcases! You’ll also have the pride of knowing that you’ve finally developed the skills you need to tackle that dreaded fitted sheet!

To recap, here’s a summary of the 6-step process for perfectly folding a fitted sheet:

  1. Lay the Sheet Flat
  2. Turn Two Corners Inside Out
  3. Connect the Corners
  4. Connect the Elastic Corners
  5. Lay Out Your Rectangle
  6. Fold Your Sheet

That’s it!

That’s the entire process for perfectly folding your White Terry Home 100% organic cotton fitted sheets. Pretty simple, right? Now you no longer have to fear that pile of fresh linens knowing that the fitted sheet is lurking in there somewhere. Instead, you can fold with confidence and pride, and get the perfect, neat stack of organic cotton bedsheets and pillowcases every single time.