6 Tips for Creating the Perfect Airbnb Guest Room

When buying a home, many of us focus a great deal of attention on the number of guest rooms. We envision our friends and family traveling in from all parts of the globe for holidays and extended visits, and want to be sure we can offer them a comfortable, beautiful place to stay during their trip.
Fast forward a few years, and most of us come to realize that these visits are fewer and farther in-between than we may have originally imagined. But that’s ok! Your beautiful guest room doesn’t have to go to waste. Instead, you can share that room with interesting travelers from around the world (and make quite a bit of money in the process, too). 
We are of course talking about Airbnb – one of the fastest-growing travel sites in history. 
Airbnb has made it easier than ever to list bedrooms (or even your whole home) on demand. But being a great Airbnb host requires more than throwing a couple of photos up on the website. Airbnb travelers have come to expect a certain type of experience…one they can get nowhere else. 
Curious to know what you need to do to create the ultimate Airbnb guest room? Here’s a look at our 6 top tips:
Clean and Declutter
It should go without saying that if you plan to host Airbnb guests (or any guests for that matter), your guest room should be absolutely spotless on arrival. This means no more closing the door to ignore that pile of laundry on the bed!
Take extra time and care in cleaning your guest bedroom before any guests arrive. This includes things you may generally overlook, such as dusting photographs or wiping down TV remotes. Remember that cleanliness is a sign of care and attention to detail, so the cleaner your space, the more your guests will relax and feel cared for. 
Same goes for excess clutter. While guest bedrooms tend to be the catch-all for extra clothes, random boxes, trinkets, and more, if you plan to host guests with any regularity, you’ll need to find room for these items elsewhere. If you Airbnb volume grows high enough, consider using a portion of your profits to rent out a small storage unit in town to deal with any excess in your home.
Small Touches Go a Long Way
While a clean and decluttered guest room are a start, if you really want your guests to have a five-star experience in your home, you’ll need to invest in the small touches that really make a space shine. 
For starters, think about décor. What could you add to the space to give it a sense of personality? Artwork from your favorite local artists? Throw pillows from the women at the farmers market? Locally sourced candles or personal care products?
In addition, things like fresh cut flowers, an elegant set of glasses and sparkling spring water upon arrival, or soothing music playing on the speakers when guests arrive are all little details that can really set your space apart and make your guests feel truly at home.
Supply the Essentials
While renting a room on Airbnb is decidedly not like renting a hotel room, there is still a level of expectations that most guests have when it comes to what the host will provide. Avoid any issues (and potential negative reviews) by putting together all the essentials guests might need:
  • Hair Dryer
  • Iron
  • Ironing Board
  • Flashlight
  • Pens and Pencils
  • Paper
  • Coffee and Tea
  • Shampoo
  • Soap
  • Etc.
Also, if you plan to offer guests access to your kitchen to cook for themselves, consider investing in a guest-only set of pots, pans, utensils, plates and cups, and keep all these items in a single cabinet. That way you don’t have to worry about wear and tear to your own kitchen items, and guests have everything they need to work in your kitchen.
Incorporate Local Flavour
Airbnb guests love the feeling of traveling like a local. For many, this is the whole reason they choose Airbnb over hotels in the first place. They want to immerse themselves in the locale in a way that hotels generally cannot provide.
Play off this desire by incorporating plenty of local flavour into your space. Perhaps offer each guest a bottle of wine from the local vineyard. Or a cheese and fruit platter from the local farm. You can also offer guests a small token of your appreciation via a chocolate bar or small trinket from the boutique down the road. Anything that makes them feel like they’re getting an inside look at the place you call home.
Invest in Quality Linens
While all these little touches go a long way, it’s important to remember that sleep is the main purpose of your guest room. That said, you want to do everything possible to ensure your guests have a peaceful, relaxing night’s rest. 
One of the best ways to ensure a quality night’s sleep is by investing in a set of quality linens. When a guest crawls into your bed after a long day of exploring, they’ll immediately notice the difference when your bed is outfitted with luxurious, 100% organic cotton bedding. The softness of a quality sheet set will relax their minds and bodies, and soon enough they’ll be fast asleep, resting up for the day ahead.
Plus, by using quality 100% organic cotton sheets, you as a host can rest easy knowing that you’ll be able to wash and rewash these sheets with ease for many guest stays to come. 
Create a Concierge Station
Of course, the best part of travel is getting out and exploring. And Airbnb offers an incredible advantage in this category, as guests have access to a knowledgeable local: you!
Make it easy for guests to explore your area by building out a concierge station for them. Include maps with points of interest that you personally recommend. Create a list of your favorite local bars and restaurants, being sure to detail their vibe, expense, and what you enjoy about them. And of course, be sure to include maps and details related to local transit and roadways. 
Compile all these items in a central location (a little kiosk right next to the fridge works great, so that guests can come and review information at their leisure). 
Getting Started with an Airbnb Guest Room
For those that have a guest room collecting clutter and dust for most of the year, Airbnb is a great way to make some extra money, and to meet exciting new travelers from around the world. While it does require some upfront work and investment, these will be paid back in spades once you earn a reputation as a great host with an amazing space. So start planning out your relaxing guest retreat, and before you know it you’ll be a five-star experience everyone is talking about!