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From White Terry Home to If Only Home

If Only Home was formerly known as White Terry Home. When I launched this company almost 2 years ago, the name was born from that feeling of being wrapped in a white terry bath robe, falling into the softness of a luxury hotel bed. It’s an amazing feeling indeed! But it doesn’t fully capture why this brand is so important to me and to you, our community. 

During this time, my own story has deepened and I have learned so much about all of your stories. What I have found so beautiful and moving is that we all find the comfort of ‘home’, however you may define it, to be fundamentally important. It is the backdrop to our personal journeys. 

As we get ready to launch exciting new products, I had to listen to my instincts. It was time to change the name to more closely reflect the values of this company. While the name has changed, the superior quality you expect remains the same: we are the same team, the exact same luxury bedding, the same accessible pricing, and the same passion!

A heartfelt thank you to all our customers who invite us into your homes and let us be part of your stories.