Our Soft Spun Organic Cotton Bedding is thoughtfully designed in Canada and ethically produced in Cambodia.

The result is refined, long lasting, and unbelievably soft

Astonishingly Soft

Luxurious Custom Weave

Astonishingly soft, beautifully weighted yet breathable, naturally temperature regulated, and better with every wash. All thanks to a premium weave made from exclusively long staple organic cotton.

Thread Count

For too long thread count has been touted as the only standard by which to judge your bedsheets. Despite what you’ve been told, higher isn’t it better. Research shows that a too-high thread count can increase your risk of overheating (even worse if the yarn is laden with chemicals). After consulting our in-house sleep expert, Olivia Arezzolo, we developed our signature 400 thread count fabric for gently weighted, breathable, naturally temperature-regulating sheets.

A Premium Weave

Cotton sheeting is typically woven with a “one over, one under” pattern, however this kind of weave wasn’t as durable or smooth as we wanted (and is prone to tearing or pilling!). Enter our sateen style of weave with a “one over, four under” pattern, and you’ve got incredible softness and quality.  Plus, we’ve upped the ante by using single ply, long staple organic cotton. What does that mean? Ply refers to the yarn composition (single ply is smoother than multi ply) while staple refers to fibre length (and longer fibres are the strongest).

Sateen vs Satin

In the Middle Ages, satin was born as a fabric type made from silk threads using a style of weave called sateen (one over, four under). Cut to current day and ‘satin’ is a shorthand for that shiny finish which is unfortunately commonly achieved by using synthetic yarns and high levels of chemical processing. When we talk about sateen bedding, it is simply using 100% cotton in that traditional premium style of weave.

100% Organic, Ethically & Sustainably Made

We are GOTS™ Certified for the highest standard in organic cotton and woven in mills that are Oeko-Tex and FAIR WAGES™ Certified.

Thoughtfully Designed

Long & Short labels to indicate which end is which

Generously cut, fully elasticized fitted sheets to stay put

Reverse envelope pillowcase closures are smoother and neater

Hidden ties keep duvets in place

Button closures on duvets

A 5” single needle hem on sheets and pillowcases for understated elegance


The Organic Cotton Difference

All cottons are not made equal. Non-organic cotton crops are a booming corporate empire responsible for almost 25% of all the insecticide on earth! Conversely, organic cotton crops use natural pest repellants such as crushed tea leaves and have no nasty toxins such as formaldehyde, bleaching agents, chlorinated and brominated flame retardants etc. applied to them before leaving the factory.

- It is safer for your family and for the almost 300 million people who work in the cotton industry worldwide.

- The oceans and waterways are protected from a double whammy of chemical run off and subsequent microfibres leaking into the water supply.

- Organic cotton uses at least 20% less water to produce than non-organic.