White Terry Home in the Wild: Experience Our Sheets at Cabinscape

In this relentless, always-on experience we call life, have you ever dreamt of just getting away from it all? Escaping to a place that’s off the beaten path and off the grid? A place where you can reconnect with nature, and more importantly, yourself?
Though you may not realize it, such places do exist. And they’re actually a lot closer than you might think…
Tucked inside the rugged landscape of Southern Ontario, Cabinscape is Canadian company offering unique, luxury tiny cabin rentals in the woods. And as one of our newest partners offering 100% premium organic cotton White Terry Home sheets and duvet covers to their guests, we wanted to take a minute to share a little bit about the experiences they offer, and what it’s like to get off the grid and spend the weekend in luxurious tranquility.
The Settings
What started as one cabin for Cabinscape has grown into a collection spread out all across SE and SW Ontario. While the cabins available for rent all have their own unique features and charm (more on that below), their chosen locations are consistent in that they are all nestled in beautiful, remote areas – yet still have access to nearby charming towns and all the amenities you could ever need. 
Two of Cabinscape’s most popular cabins are the Mason Cabin and the Juniper Cabin. The Mason Cabin is perched on the hillside of Little Beaver Lake in SW Ontario, surrounded by a series of regal pines that make you feel like you’re in the middle of nowhere (in the best possible way). Yet this cabin is less than 30 minutes by car to the local beer store, gas station, and charming village of Sharbot Lake, which features plenty of shops and restaurants.
The same holds true for the Juniper Cabin. Just 10 minutes NE of Sharbot Lake, this cabin is tucked inside the Tay Township overlooking the Fall River. Plus, with Silver Lake Provincial Park just 4 minutes away, there is no shortage of amazing natural wonder right outside the front door of Juniper Cabin. However, if at any point guests would like to get back on the grid for a little social interaction, the historic town of Perth is just 15 minutes away!
The Cabins
As mentioned above, each Cabinscape experience is completely unique. The company works extremely hard to design a structure that flows seamlessly into the natural surroundings, yet still offers its guests incredible amounts of charm and luxury. Their goal is to break down the walls between guests and nature, connecting the living environment of each cabin with the natural world, and providing the benefits of nature with the conveniences of modern life. 
The Mason Cabin rings true with these thoughts in mind. This beautiful 160 sq. ft. cabin sits on 576 pristine acres, and features all the amenities you could ever want. The second you step inside this cozy, clean open-concept cabin, you’re immediately hit with the feeling of nature being brought indoors with a collection of beautiful panoramic windows that view out onto your surroundings. And with bright wooden paneling, flooring, and ceiling, the sense of nature continues to permeate the space as you get your bearings. 
While 160 sq. ft. may sound small, you realize how deceiving a number can be with The Mason Cabin. With everything perfectly positioned to maximize space and usability, the open-concept cabin has plenty of room for two adult guests (and even a small child or furry friend). The kitchen area features a large sink, bar fridge, and 4-burner gas range, meaning healthy home cooked meals are easy to execute. Opposite the cooking space, a large natural wooden counter opens up to the natural wonders around you via a small garage door, meaning morning coffee and meals can be enjoyed with a side of the freshest air you’ve ever breathed. And when it’s time to rest your head, a comfortable queen bed adorned with luxurious White Terry Home organic cotton linens awaits, ensuring you sleep soundly through the night and are ready for the next day’s adventures.
Kilometers down the road, The Juniper Cabin features many of the same beautiful design concepts and amenities as The Mason. With a nearly identical floorplan, the 160 sq. ft. Juniper Cabin features the same bright wooden paneling, flooring, and ceiling as The Mason. It also features the same wooden countertop with garage door opening, private indoor bathroom space, and the luxurious White Terry Home bedding atop the queen size mattress. However, one noticeable difference between the two tiny cabins is located right outside the front door. While The Mason has a cute, cozy balcony overlooking the lake, The Juniper takes this outdoor living space one step further with a bold wrap-around balcony and glass panelled bannister, creating the perfect oasis for guests to spend some quality time outdoors, yet have all their modern amenities just steps away.
The Experience
While the fine details and modern amenities of both these cabins make it so you never want to leave, it’s important for guests to remember that the mission of Cabinscape is to reconnect guests with nature. Thankfully, there are nearly endless reminders right outside the panoramic windows!
Both The Mason and The Juniper are surrounded by beautiful natural water sources, and guests have access to a canoe, paddles, and life jackets. The water in these parts is idea for both swimming and fishing, or if you prefer, a long, easy ride from the comfort of the canoe. For those guests that prefer to stay on land, there are plenty of wonderful hiking trails right outside the doors of both cabins, and the natural beauty and secluded atmosphere will make it feel as if you’re unearthing terrain that has never been seen before. 
After a long day on the trails and water, guests can return back to the cabin for some dinner, board games, and a nice long chat by the fire pit. Then climb into bed and get ready to repeat the whole relaxing process tomorrow. 
Why Cabinscape
As a proud Canadian company that aims to benefit the environment as much as we benefit our customers, If Only Home is very selective about its partnerships, seeking out only those companies we know hold true to our same values. Cabinscape is such a company, and we absolutely adore their spaces, as well as their mission to reconnect guests with the magical natural wonders of this great land. 
It’s an honour for our Canadian bedding to be placed inside Cabinscape’s luxurious tiny cabin rentals. But don’t just take our word for it. Get out there yourself and experience the magic that is a weekend in the woods!