The Top 7 Plants for Your Bedroom

As chosen by @theplantjunkie

As most of you know by now, here at White Terry Home, we believe that your bedroom has a dramatic effect on the quality of your life. Sleep is the absolute most important gift you give your body each and every day, and as such, your master bedroom should be an oasis. An escape from the daily grind. A place to regroup and recharge your batteries for the day ahead. 
That is why we are so interested in seeking out the absolute perfect mix of design, décor, and furniture to create the most serene bedroom possible. We’ve put so much work into creating the softest, most luxurious organic cotton bedding on the market, and we want to be sure that the rest of your bedroom is just as satisfying and refreshing.
One item that can sometimes go overlooked yet provides some of the best health and wellness benefits in your bedroom is greenery. That’s right, we’re talking about live plants! Not only do plants look amazing with nearly any design, but they provide a whole host of mental and physical benefits as well. 
But don’t just take our word for it. We’ve partnered with one of the leading Canadian plant experts – The Plant Junkie – to come up with a list of the top 7 plants for your bedroom. Ready to brighten up your master? Check out the list below…
Note: Before incorporating any plants into your home, it’s important to do your research, especially if you have four-legged friends or young kids. As The Plant Junkie explains:
“We have to understand that in the wild, plants need to protect themselves from predators so for that they are either toxic or poisonous. So, it’s very important to participate closely in the relationship between kids, pets, and plants so you can determine if plants are a good idea for your household. I have 2 kids and a dog and all the plants and I have never had a problem. But I was always very careful to let my kids know that plants are to be seen and not touched. And my dog was never interested in them. But you have to watch that relationship closely to make sure everyone can coexist together without causing any harm.”
1.  Snake Plant
Known scientifically as the Sansevieria, the snake plant is one of the most indestructible plants you can introduce into your home. It thrives in low light and only requires water twice a month. Plus, you couldn’t ask for a better air purifier! 
The Plant Junkie says…
I like snake plants as a bedroom plant because they look absolutely awesome, they don’t take loads of space and they are hardworking air purifiers increasing the quality of your room which is the place in your home where you spend 8 uninterrupted hours every day.
I also like them because they are easy to care for, easy to find and to buy as a consumer, and they have extreme air purifying properties. They make a great first plant for anyone starting their urban jungle. An easy plant gives you confidence on your green thumb and makes people flourish as plant patents, and the snake plant is the perfect start to the amazing world of indoor plantscaping.
2. Pothos Plant
Another plant extremely tolerant to poor conditions, the Pothos Plant requires minimal light and water to thrive. Plus, its compact size make it perfect for even small apartment spaces. 
The Plant Junkie says:
Another thing to take in consideration is the fact that a lot of people live in very small spaces and sometimes do not have any floor space left for plants. If that’s the case a little live wall it’s a great way to bring plants into the room. A mix of pothos plants in different colours would be a perfect pick for someone who wants to increase not only the quality of air but also to make the room more inviting and relaxing. Plants makes the ambience much more relaxing and cozy which is the vibe anyone needs in a bedroom for a great night of sleep.
3. Lavender Plant
Known for its lovely smell and gorgeous purple flowers, lavender is generally something you’d find in an outdoor garden. However, it can thrive indoors as well with a little care and maintenance, and can add a beautiful touch of colour and smell to your master. 
Make sure your lavender plant gets several hours of direct sunlight each day, preferably from a southern exposed window. In addition, keep an eye on the moisture of the plants soil. When it reaches a slightly dry consistency, add water…however be careful not to add too much at one time, as lavender is prone to rot when overwatered. 
4. Rubber Plant
The Rubber Plant – also known as the Ficus Elastica – features dark, shiny leaves that add a touch of depth and elegance to any master suite. These plants like to grow tall, so over time you can add a lot of interesting design height to your space. 
One of the neediest plants on the list, the Rubber Plant does require a decent amount of attention to thrive. Make sure it’s near a window that provides moderate to bright direct sunlight, and be sure to water regularly. Also, if you ever decide to trim the plant, use caution…as the name suggests, the inside features a super sticky sap!
5. Boston Fern
If you’re looking for a plant to hang in your master, look no further than the Boston Fern. This super green, super lush plant adds a bright burst of colour to any room, and the cascading leaves always look lovely. 
Another needy plant, this fern requires lots of light and daily misting in order to thrive. However the brightness it will provide in your bedroom (and your mind, and possibly your instagram feed) are more than worth the effort, as this beautiful plant is a classic for a reason!
6. Spider Plant
Another classic plant that’s been thriving in homes for decades is the Spider Plant, also known as the Chlorophytum Comosum. Placed in a beautiful pot, the long, thin leaves of the Spider Plant will arch up and over, eventually cascading down like a waterfall. 
With moderate light needs and watering to be done just once a week, the Spider Plant is fairly low maintenance, and perfect for the bedrooms of anyone just getting started with plants. As a bonus, this plant also reproduces quite easily. Just take on of the “baby spiders” and place it in a cup of water, and soon you’ll have a new plant ready to pot!
7. Peace Lily
The perfect plant to bring a little peace and tranquility to your master bedroom, the Peace Lily is a beautiful green plant dotted with pretty white flowers. Surprisingly, this beauty requires minimal watering. In fact, it’s best you wait until the soil is nearly dry before adding more water. As far as light goes, the plant will survive in low light settings, but if you really want it to thrive be sure to give it plenty of bright light. 
Thanks to this list of the 7 best plants for your bedroom, curated by The Plant Junkie, you’re well on your way to outfitting your master retreat with one of the most effective décor tools there is.
Boosting your health, your mood, and your design, live plants are the absolute best way to turn your bedroom into a Zen-like retreat. But don’t just take our word for it. Get out to your local nursery or plant store and see for yourself the difference a little green can make in your life!